Soal PAT/ UKK B. Inggris Kelas 7 + Jawaban - Kurikulum 2013 Th. 2019

Soal PAT/ UKK B. Inggris Kelas 7 + Jawaban - Kurikulum 2013 Th. 2019. Soal latihan Ujian Kenaikan Kelas mata pelajaran bahasa Inggris kls VII SMP/ MTs dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban, terdiri dari 50 butir soal.

Berikut adalah soal soalnya, yaitu :
Choose the correct answer by blocking A, B, C, or D!

Text for number 1-4
My name is Yasmin. I have a hamster. It is small and cute. I call it "Gale". My grandfather gave it last week. Gale has three different colors, they are white, brown, and black. Gale's ears are small. It always squeaks in the time I come to close  its cage. I feed it every morning. Gale likes to eat some leaves and grass. I take the grass from the field near my house. Gale looks happy eating the grass. I really love Gale.

1. What does the text tell us about?
A. Yasmin's hamster
C. a small hamster
B. a cute hamster
D. funny hamster

2. Who gave Yasmin  a hamster?
A. her father
C. her grandfather
B. her mother
D. her uncle

3. Does Gale eat grass?
A. Yes, it is
B. Yes , it does
C. No, it doesn't
D. No, it isn'

4. "Gale looks happy eating the grass."
The similar meaning of the underlined word is ....
A. glad
C. kind
B. patient
D. friendly

5. Mother :"Where is your father?"
Nia : "My father is in the .... He is going to take a bath."
A. bedroom
C. dining room
B. living room
D. bathroom

6. Raisa   : "Where should I put these clean plates, mom?"
Momy : "Put them in the cupboard in the ...."
A. living room
C. dining room
B. bathroom
D. garage

7. My uncle is a .... He works in the kitchen of a restaurant every day.
A. barber
C. butcher
B. chef
D. teacher

8. This is a thing in the pencil case. It is made of wood. It is used to write. It is a ....
A. eraser
C. pencil
B. pen
D. book

Nina : "Who has this eagle?"
Niko : "My brother does".
Nina : "Where does he buy?"
Niko : "He buys in the bird market."
Nina : "He likes an eagle because it has strong claws and a strong beak, and it also can catch its prey quickly".
Niko : "What do you think about it?"
Nina : "I think it is one of the best predators that I know".

9. Who has an eagle?
A. Niko's brother
C. Niko
B. Nina
D. Nina's brother

10. Where does he buy the eagle?
A. bird market
C. stationary
B. greengrocer
D. canteen

11. When a driver sees the sign, he/ she should….
soal ukk b inggris kls 7
A. Not park here
C. Park here
B. Stop here
D. Not press the horn

12. Yudi: Andi, can I borrow your pencil?
Dandi : Sure, here it is.
Yudi : Thank you.
Dandi : . . . .
A. I’m sorry
C. You’re welcome
B. Thank you
D. Fine

13. Nia : Would you pass me the salt, please.
Ratna : . . . .  Here you are.
A. Help yourself
C. No way
B. Be sure
D. Yes, of course

14. Waitress : Good afternoon . . . .     
Dikdik : Good afternoon. Yes, can I take the menu, please!
Waitress : Here you are.
Dikdik : Thank you
A. Can you help me?
C. Would you help me?
B. Can I help you?
D. Do you help me?

15. Complete the dialogue based on the picture!   
Yani : What’s the time?   
Anisa : . . .

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A. It’s quarter past eleven
C. It’s quarter past twelve
B. It’s quarter to eleven
D. It’s half past eleven

16. My name is Randi. I am a MTs student. I live on Jalan Sukabumi. My father’s name is Mr. Rahman. He works in a hospital. He is a doctor and my mother is a teacher. My parents have three children. Ely, the eldest, works as a programmer in a private company. Wulan is my sister. She is a student too. She goes to MAN Cibatu .

The main idea of second paragraph is about …..
A. the children in the family
C. the parent’s job
B. the jobs in the family
D. the education

17. ”He is a doctor” (paragraph 1) The underlined word refers to Randi’s . . .
A. uncle
B. father
C. brother
D. son

18. Camelia . . . a holy Quran everyday
A. read
B. reads
C. is read
D. was read

19. Migo: Does she like reading?
Abrar : Yes, she . . .
A. do
B. don’t
C. does
D. doesn’t

20. Invitation

Happy Birthday
To: Aisyah Wish you all the best on your fifteenth birthday. 

Who celebrates the party?....
A. Aisyah
B. Anita
C. Mother
D. Anita’s friend

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