Soal PAS B. Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 1/ Ganjil Th. 2018

Soal PAS B. Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 1/ Ganjil Th. 2018. Dapatkan Soal Latihan Penilaian Akhir Semester atau Ujian Akhir Semester / UAS Gasal Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Semester 1 Tahun ajaran 2018 - 2019.

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) A, B, C, or D! 
1. I usually ... at five o’clock.
A. Gets up
B. Get up
C. Goes
D. Go

2. Risa : “Do you like jogging?”
Ulfi : “...”.
A. Yes, I am
B. No, I do
C. Yes, I do
D. Yes, I like

3. Ryan always has ... at noon.
A. Lunch
B. Breakfast
C. Dinner
D. Supper

4. I ... the floor every morning.
A. Listen
B. Sweep
C. Cook
D. Write

5. It is ....
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A. Four o’clock
B. Four past two
C. Four past twenty
D. Twenty past four 

6. Deni wants to play tennis. He needs a .... 
A. Book 
B. Doll
C. Racket
D. Marble  

7. The student usually have flag ceremony on ...
A. Sunday
B. Friday 
C. Monday
D. Tuesday

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8. They are .... a book in the library.
A. Buying
B. Drawing
C. Listening
D. Reading

9. Indonesian people celebrate independence day on ....
A. July
B. August
C. September
D. October

10. Laila ... at nine o’clock after studying.
A. Goes to bed
B. Sweeps the floor
C. Studies
D. Has dinner

11. What time is it?It is ....
A. Ten o’clok
B. Nine o’clok
C. Eight o’clok
D. Seven o’clok

12. Before having dinner, Ayyubi always ....
A. Takes a bath
B. Washes his hands
C. Brushes his teeth
D. Washes his feet

13. There ... seven pencils in the pencil box.
A. Is
B. Am
C. Are
D. Was

14. Before you go to bed, brush your ....
A. Face
B. Lips
C. Hair
D. Teeth
gambar pas b inggris kls 5 th. 2018

15. We like to play ... together.
A. Tug of war
B. Marble
C. Chess
D. Hide and seek

16. My hobby is ....
A. Dancing
B. Singing
C. Playing
D. Walking

17. We need a ball to play ....
A. Football
B. Badminton
C. Catapult
D. Doll

18. Nilna : “Lend me your bolpoint, please!”
Lisa : “I’m sorry, ....”.
A. This is it
B. Here you are
C. I’m using it myself
D. Yes please

19. My sister always wears ....
A. T-Shirt
B. Jacket
C. Short
D. Skirt

20. My brother like to eat ... for breakfast.
A. Bread
B. Soup
C. Porridge
D. Noodles

21. My father always drink a cup of ... in the morning.
A. Milk
B. Tea
C. Coffee
D. Juice

22. Oji : “What do they wear for swimming?”
Azza : “They wear ... “.
A. Blouse
B. Pijamas
C. Swimsuit
D. Jacket

23. The students wear their ... to school.
A. Uniform
B. Jeans
C. Culot
D. Sweater

24. playing-hide-They-seek-and-are
A. They are playing hide and seek
B. Playing hide and seek they are
C. Seek and hide they are playing
D. Hide and seek they are playing

25. Luna : “Are these your marbles ?”
Dimas : “No, ...”.
A. It is
B. These are
C. This is not
D. These are not

II. Fill in the blank by using the word in the right side ! 
26. I always ... my teeth after breakfast.
27. The students ... to school by bicycle.
28. My mother ... apples in the supermarket.
29. We want to ... basket ball.
30. Ulin likes playing kite. His ... is flying so high.
31. There are ... months in a year.
32. Carrot and spinach are the names of ....
33. Let’s play snakes and ladders. OK, ....
34. Salma’s hobby is .... Her voice is very beautiful
35. The girls like to play ....

- Play
- kite
- Go
- Singing
- Brush
- Let’s do
- Buys
- Doll
- vegetable
- Twelve

III. Fill in the blank with the correct word!

36. Today is Monday, yesterday was ....
37. I want to sleep, I must wear my ....
38. 12:30 in English is ....
39. We wear ...  in cold weather .
40. Rudi takes a bath ... a day.

IV. Answer the following questions  ! 

41. What time did you get up?
42. When do we celebrate our independence day ?
43. football-favorite-is-our-game.
Arrange the words into the good sentence!
44. Mention 3 names of games !
45. My family eat at restaurant. Translate into indonesian!

Demikian update Soal Latihan B. Inggris Kls 5 untuk PAS atau UAS Semester 1/ Ganjil serta jawaban. Semoga bermanfaat.

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